Goodbye and Good Luck

I have decided to delete my blog and move on with my life. I
started to take this all too seriously and I got a little full of myself. And I
started to get nasty, something I am not, and I started to write angry all the
time, something I am not.

I had a blow up with a friend because he made a mistake 5 years
ago. Stupid.

I insulted a lady I don’t know because I didn’t care for
something she had obviously put her heart in to.

This is not who I am or who I want to be.

I started this blog because I thought I had something to say and
a unique voice to say it with.

I think at first this was true. Lately though I feel as though I
am forcing myself to write and more often than not it is coming out mean- spirited and that is something I did not want.

So I have shut down the blog and all that is left is this

I will still show up on your blogs and I will still post but I
am changing my “name” so I am no longer confused for someone else. My
privacy is something I cherish and protect energetically. I think you will
recognize my voice when you see me post.

I will try to not be quite so angry or confrontational in my

Be well